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Algea blenny eating flake!

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My algea blenny has been eating nori for some time now but would just act irritated when I fed flake and zooplankton. Last week I noticed him taste testing some flake food(prime reef) but he would spit it back out everytime. Well yesterday he started eating it-now he's right up there with the gang when I feed grabbing as much as he can. Greediness won out!
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Mine would eat about anything I dropped in the tank, but one of his favorites was shrimp pellets. He would nibble on them for the longest time. Lan
Yeah mine has been in the tank for about 11 months now and for the past 2 or 3 weeks now he is pushing the other fish out of the way and man is he fast when he want to eat. He eats everything I put in there.

Its kind of funny seeing him hovering straight up and down waiting for the food to drop in.
I just added a algae Blenny to my tank, what a cool fish. I added him to a tank with 5 blue/Green chromizes and a yellow Tang. At first the Tang would push him off the rocks with his nose when ever he swam by. After a couple days the Tang just swims by now. The Blenny so far only eats algae. But I can see a big difference of the amount of algae in the tank. I hope he will eat flakes at some pointe as he is going through the the algae fast.
I had to start feeding mine nori because he ate the hair algea up pretty fast. I just put it in a clip and put it in the tank-as close to the rock as possible and it onlt took a couple days for him to start eating it. Now he eats so much he looks pregnant half the time!
And he's almost doubled in size since about april. Very cool fish.
Mine eats anything as well. I hae him in my sump so he gets alot of alge to eat. He is bloated ll the time.:D What is the max size of these things? I know the don't get that big, But i could use one more in my mega overflow.
Just guessing on the size but I saw one(I think at Preuss) that was about 6" long
Well mines about 4-4 1/2" and online it says 5" max but I'm dead sure I've seen them larger than that.
actually max size is 9" according to the doctors over there on rc. The old one I had was 7" before it died. made my hippo tang look dinky hehe. the one I currently have is about 4" long. Both I have owned have ate frozen, flake, seaweed, macro algae, etc etc. But the first one took 3 months before it started eating non algae foods and the second one took 1 month.
Wow that would be cool!
DlBerlin said:
Wow that would be cool!
hehe yeah imagine a 9" blenney swimming striaght up and down in one spot looking at you =]. hey you started on this site after I did and have over 100 more posts. no fair :D
I talk too much!
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