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Anemonie Pic's

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here's a pic of my new blue carpet. doing rather well and quite huge.

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heres one i call a tight squeeze lol. it the condy i got from jason and my pair of saddles trying to host in it.

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the carpet is under a 400 watt 20k mh.
lol i guess so lol.
BTW how often did you feed him? i tried last night but he dident want any. he took it in then just spit it back out kinds like my 6 mo old lol.
sorry jason i was speaking to smunro as i traded him for the blue carpet. i was laughing at his comment as he was refering to the carpet. the condy does eat but not that much i can get a few shrimp in him a week but thats all.

BTW the mushroom in the pic with the carpet is 2" to give you an idea of how huge he is lol.
hes so cool. i like him so far hasent eaten any fish yet so im happy about that. he seems to like the first place i put him as he hasent moved yet. im glad because its about the onlt free spot left in there lol.
nice lookin condy! now i want more lol.
big guy moved up on a rock today and allowed me to get this great side shot of his beautifull blue base.

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1 - 9 of 24 Posts
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