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Anemonie Pic's

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here's a pic of my new blue carpet. doing rather well and quite huge.

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Hey will, has that carpet tried to eat you yet? <snicker snicker>

speaking of eating, my clown nipped me last night. it wasnt hard but shes getting bolder and bolder. i think i'm gonna have to get out my tazer next she gets too close!

ps...just kidding on that tazer! seriously!
very nice! those are about the only animal that i can't keep alive, lol. theyve always died in a matter of weeks for me. i just dont have a carribean thumb, hehe. please tell me how you do it, haha!

anyone listen to Future Sound of London? they put out a cd in the early 90s called lifeforms. the artwork has a woman holding a condy anenome in her hand. its a very moving picture.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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