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Anybody else getting a little excited about the swap on Saturday?

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O.k. I know this makes me king of all dorks but I can't help getting excited about Saturday. My wife has been making fun of me for the entire week about being a little geeked but I don't care. I love these things and can't wait to see everybody!
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I'd REALLY appreciate your efforts if we can work out something for those two Montis!
Thanks again Ken for everything.
Is that the definition of "whit-tisssshhhhh." Ouch, that whip must hurt. LOL!
As previously stated, my wife has been needling me all week long about the frag fest so I completely understand. She keeps telling people I am going to a Star Trek convention. I know I am a nerd but come on!
Well, your sticking around should be some good brownie points in the bank though. Maybe a trip to the LFS for an anniversary gift (from you, to you) would be in order?
Just have her pay it forward like that movie said to do. If she doesn't buy into that, just say it was free or hide it in a friend's tank until you can sneak it home.
Ken don't read this!

I am very excited to see Ken's tank. I saw pics of his tank prior to the blackout and it was unbelievable. Can you imagine what kind of a tank it would be with an additional year of growth? He'd be able to charge admission to the frag swap just to get a look at his tank...I'd pay a few bucks that's for sure!
I am sure this one will be awesome as well, especially with his dedication to rare stuff!
Well we are just hours away!!! It feels like Christmas when I was a little kid! I wonder what Santa Mustang will have for us under his tree?
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