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Anyone here use B-Ionic Supplements?

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I've been reading about ways to get my Cal up (I haven't invested in a CA Reactor yet and probably won't for a while). It's supposed to be 40 times better than Kalk. Any experience with this? Or are you guys all running Ca Reactors?
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I don't use it, but will switch from the Kent AB product I currently use, once my bulk supply runs out. I think all the two part chemicals work the same, as is give you virtually the same increase in Alklinity and calcium. But, the B-ionic has less initial effect on pH. When I add a dose of the Kent product, pH takes a quick little spike. B-ionic will have much less of that spike. Since my main alk/calc dose regimine is from Limewater, I tend to have high pH and the addition of the Kent product can be a problem.

But, for those whose main dose regimine is a calcium reactor, thier pH tends to be on the low side so the Kent product may be better for them.

Randy Holmes Fraley has a good article discussing the different calcium and alklinity suppliments systems and which are better for who.
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