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As anyone tried out the new Rios

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I'm looking at getting a new pump for the tank and getting close to getting a new Rio. So I'm looking for some feedback on this pump. I looking to get one for my new tank seen. So thought I would ask.

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I'm Not sure on the mags. They don't seem to have alot of head pressure. Put mybe I should look at the bigger models. I have a mag now and it seems really loud. So I guess I will have to look around some more. I have the same proplem with smaller rios. Don't want to restart. I have a rio pump right now and I can't figure out why it stopped working. Power went out a couple of times and would never refire up. I can't even use the thing to mix water up! So I'm not really happy with that!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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