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Astria snails suck!!! Why are they sold

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Well Ive been out of the hobby for six year and started a tank. I made the mistake of broadcast feeding in my tank one time and it over night it seemed like everything was getting covered. I did some water changes and went to get a clean up crew. The guy at trop sold me astria snails. He said that was all he had. Well I buy a dozen of them and they actually did eat a lot of the hair alage but they constantly get flipped over and I put my hands in there all day long rescuing them, but they just fall over again. I lost most out of the dozen simply because they got flipped over and died as a result. I ordered another dozen and they do the same thing. Stupidest thing you could put in your tank. I'll be sitting here watching my tank and I just watch them fall all in between my rock work were I can't get to them. There is only 4-5 out of 24. When I fist set it up I bought cerith snails and they do a wonderful job on the glass and sand. Please save yourself the water change that I'm doing right now to deal with these unfit for reef snails. Yeah maybe if you have fowlr or just a few big rocks. I got 50lb in a 30 gallon and I'm pissed about being sold these stupid bulldozers of snails.
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I have never had a problem with Astrea snails I have never had any die other than from natural causes after 3 or 4 years, every other snail has died within months, Cerith usually a year. I hade one place tell me to acclimate all snails 15 minutes for temperature and then just put them in, I have been doing this for years and have had no loses.
It is my understanding that Astrea come from both cold and warm water and you have to get the warm water ones, for them to live.

I tried Trochus recently using both the temperature, and drip acclimation, all but one died within a couple weeks, and never really ate any algae.
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