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ATI PowerCone 200iS, 1000GPD RODI, Frag tank

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I have been selling off my setup and I have a few items left. I thought it might be easier to consolidate to a new thread. Anyways here it is, all items were purchased 1 year ago and are in perfect condition and working order. If you have any questions let me know. My phone is the best way to get ahold of me. I don't get on here enough much so PM's might take a while for me to see.

ATI PowerCone 200iS Skimmer. Sold!!

Evolution RO system with a Bulk Reef Supply 4th stage DI canister. This unit is top notch and is capable of producing 1000 gallons per day!! As you can see they retail for $750 not to mention the BRS addition. I'm selling it for so cheap for the fact I bought it from my employer for much less than that after they realized it was way too powerful than what they needed and couldn't return it.
$40!!! Need gone ASAP

Lastly I have a nice frag tank. I used this as my sump for my previous tank. I bought it brand new last year from Great Lakes Aquariums. It is 36x24x12 glass with black framing.
$40 Need gone ASAP

Let me know if you have any questions. Again phone is key.
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Skimmer is sold. Need to get these last two pieces sold before I move. Shoot me a text and give me an offer.

I'm moving this week and need the last 2 items gone. $40 for the RO system! and $40 for the 36x24x12 frag tank!!! Call or text me
If you were closer the frag tank would be gone already.

I'll come get the RODI if you still have it for that price

Randy 734-493-2661
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