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Selling some stuff from I bought for a tank build, but ended up getting a smaller tank.

ATI Sunpower 6x54W ($275) Bought Used. Replaced the AC/DC adapter with a generic one. I accidentally broke the rubber fan pins when I took it apart to clean, but they can easily be ordered from ATI. Comes with bulbs. I was told they are all older than 6 months. Does not come with mounting equipment

RLSS R6i Skimmer($200) Bought used. Used it for a week and it was just too big for my current set up.

Slim Skim Nano (SOLD)

Intank Media Basket ($25) Also used on a 29g Biocube

Happy to answer and questions you have.

You can reach me best by text (313) 590 - 3407

I can text higher resolution pictures
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