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ATI T5 dimmiable light fixture 36 inch 4 bulb

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ATI T5 Dimmable SunPower Light Fixture, very well maintained. - $200 dollars including bulbs and hanging kit.

Brand new including bulbs and tax costs $678

I have priced the unit at $200.00 , it comes with ATI bulbs (6months use) and hanging kit.

The dimmable feature allows to program dusk and dawn also since the fixture comes with its own programmer built in it doesn't need any external controller

There is a cosmetic dent in one corner and the pictures and the price captures it.

Length - 36 inch (3ft)
Number of bulbs - 4
2 bulbs on each channel
Hanging kit included

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are you willing to ship
im on the westside
Hi Tim, I dont have the box so shipping might be a problem. If you would like I can get a quote from ups for pack and ship but I feel they will at least charge 50 dollars. Let me know if you would like me to do that?

Or we can meet around Ann Arbor and that should cut down some of your travel time. Let me know.
ok let me get back to you on it. ive got a packed weekend and the odds of me getting over that way soon slim for the nwxt week or so.
I checked with UPS for pack and ship, they said it will be 30 for pack and 40 to ship. so total 70.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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