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Hello DRC members!

As you can see we have our own forum section now!

We will use this forum from now on to post anything about the club, meetings, and anything else club related.

We had a awesome first meeting at Craig's house, lets start throwing ideas out about our next meeting for August. Also if you know anyone else interested, lets get them involved!

This is a great way to communicate and get to know fellow reefers local in the area.

I look forward to hearing ideas about the next meeting and seeing everyone. I think we had ideas to go to paradise coral in riverview and go out to lunch before or after. Let me know what everyone thinks and I can contact mark taylor about coming to his place.

Thanks everyone!

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Looks like dan beat me to the first post lol

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What's everyones schedules looking like? I'm guessing the weekend would be best for most people, I know Craig works all weekend being a chef. I'm usually free on the weekends, that is until deer hunting season starts in October.
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