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I have a used BakPak 2R+ skimmer. I looking to trade for a HOB refugium. Here is the specs from CPR. Thanks, Ryan

CPR also offers a hang-on skimmer designed for reefkeepers, the BAK-PAK™ 2R+. This skimmer is designed for use on reef tanks where biological filtration is not necessary, but still incorporates all of the other features that have made the BAK-PAK™ line of skimmers so popular.

The "Tri Chamber" design of the BAK-PAK™ 2R+ takes the place of the biological section, and when combined with a new and improved outlet design, provides an effective way to reduce bubbles caused by system imbalances.

* Incorporates CPR's proven high performance rejuvenation protein skimmer.
* No need to purchase an overflow or return pump, the BAK-PAK™ 2R+ simply hangs on the back of your tank.
* Use on tanks utilizing the Berlin or Jaubert Method, where supplemental biological filtration is not desired.
* Easy to setup, easy to use, easy to clean.
* For tanks up to 60 gallons.
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