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Bangaii Cardinals

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Does anyone know if you put 2 males in the same tank will they fight???

I bought 2 at the Atlantis Sale this last weekend. I asked for a male and female but I'm not sure if I got a male and female. They swim around with each other and seem to be hanging out all the time.

Just curious that's all.

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I also feel that the female's are more aggressive than the males.
I had a trio of two males and one female. I know this because there were distinct differences in the fish especially the female. The males got along fine, both held eggs. The problem was after one male started holding, the female would court the other male and harass the male holding until he either ate the eggs or released them. This went on for about four months alternating males until one male disappeared.

As for the Trop and their multiple adult fish in the same tank, size matters. 1000 gallon vats must be the key. I expect that the behavior seen at the Trop is their behavior in nature.
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