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Bashsea Twisted Skimmers
Old School Tech with a Twist
Bashseas' Twisted Skimmer series was developed with two things in mind - Power and Efficiency!
Utilizing our Patent Pending Injection and Mixing System combined with our full body reaction chamber design, greatly increases dwell time resulting in optimum nutrient removal, thus creating the most powerful and efficient beckett skimmer on the market today!

15% OFF RedSea Multi Test Kits
Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Multi Test kit (Ca,Alk,Mg)
Red Sea Algae Control Multi Test Kit (NO3/PO4)
Red Sea Reef Colors Pro Multi Test Kit (I2,K,Fe)

25% 2mm & 3MM Piscine Mysis Pellets
Save 25% OFF on the 2 and 3mm size pellets.

25% OFF All Vertex RO & RO/DI Units
From basic to deluxe, they are all on sale. RO units as low as 74.99.

25% ReefBrite Tec LED Strips
ReefBrite has a new model coming out called Lumi Lite PRO that will replace the TEC series, so all current inventory is on clearance at 25% OFF. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.
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