Medium Acid Splash Ultra Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones for sale
Size: 2.5 to 3.5 inches
Price: $40 each or two for $70
Local pickup in Canton, MI (48188) only. (Will not ship)

  • Measurements are approximate, pictures of previous batches added for color reference.
  • These nems have been reared in my display tank which has always contained fully quarantined livestock, has never had any disease, and has been DNA-tested twice with zero fish or coral pathogens detected.
  • This is the 3rd batch I’ve posted for sale, all of them come from the same family, were born/split in my display tank and will be held in the tank until a pickup date has been defined to minimize stress.
Care tips:
  • The nems live on top of a rock with the following approximate parameters: PAR 200-250; Temperature 77-78 F; Alkalinity 8.0-8.5; Salinity 34.5-35ppt; Nitrate 6-50ppm; Phosphate 0.3-0.8ppm.
  • I don’t manually feed them but sometimes they catch frozen food when I feed the fish. The nems have hosted 3 of my clowns along with multiple sexy shrimp (not for sale).
  • They move very little and have never left their rock. The one at the bottom of the picture shows as far as they have gone, they always come back to the top where there is more light.
  • I have noted a relation between bubbliness and flow + clean water parameters. They get more bubbly when there is less water flow and lower phosphate/nitrate and pollutants in the water.