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Best online store to get fish from

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Looking to get all my tangs at once and am wondering where people have ordered from before and had good luck. Thanks
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What kind of tangs? Are they the last fish being added?

twin spot hog - These are good little fish but when they become adults they can be very aggressive and nip at corals.
I had one for about 2 years than 1 day it became a terror and started to fight with all my fish than he decided to nip my Leathers & mushrooms. He fought my tangs, filefish and my trigger.
I did find out that they can go in a reef when younger but should be moved to a fish only aggressive tank when mature. I dont remember if it was scott micheal or fenner that I read about them. I only heard they were great little reef fish....lol

I am not sure what size tank you have but that unicorn tang gets large.

1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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