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Best Skimmer under $400 - Quiet for 120 gal

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Hi, I am getting ready to buy a new skimmer, I have a SWC BMK150 on my 120 gal mixed reef, it was from my 90 gal system. Looking to by a new on for $400 or less and it must be very quiet as the system is in my living room. Also the water return from skimmer must be under the water line in sump to stay away from splashing sound.
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I went from a EV180 to a BMK150 and love the SWC skimmer. It uses less power, has a smaller foot print, quieter and pulls every bit as much from the water. Not saying SWC skimmers are the best but their performance to $ ratio is hard to beat IMO

recently switched to an SWC 160 Extreme cone skimmer, does an excellent job, very impressed with SWC. This skimmer is really quiet and so far has really been impressive with the junk it pulls out.
I have an ASM mini but, if I were to every buy a new skimmer. For the price and reviews it would be SWC all the way.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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