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Best way to go?????

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I just picked up a 40 gallon corner tank. There isn't much room on the glass top for lights..... 24" - 30" ( 30" would have to be hung above for sure) I really don't want to go MH. What are my best options.... I was looking at the icecap 440 or 660 and then thinking I could put 3 24" 75W VHO bulbs in it..... that would give me a little over 5.5 watts per gallon. Does either the 440 or 660 give me the abiltity to turn bulbs on independantly of each other, or do I need separate ballasts to do that?

Thanks for any help you can give.
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Couldn't you run seperate swithes for each set of wires going to each bulb? That way, when the ballast is turned "on", you could control each set of bulbs by it's own switch.( 2 regular, one actinic for day/dusk effects?) I am not an electrician, but I don't see why this couldn't work....maybe Skippy or another site electrician can pipe in on this one.
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