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best way to keep fish in your tank

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tomorrow i am getting a pair of filamented flasher wrasses. they can be jumpers, im looking for a good way to keep them in the tank. i do not have a canopy. i do have glass covers. but they fog up and collect salt leading to less light. today i took egg crate and cut squares that fit in the rim of the tank. it wasn't that bad, but still blocked some of the light.

i have a 4 bulb t5 ho aquaticlife fixture with 2 LED 452 nm strips. i dont want to block a lot of light.

tomorrow i may use hardware cloth that is coated in vinyl. i may use that and paint it white over the weekend. this will probably allw the most light in the tank.

any other ideas or products out there?
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best way to keep fish in a tank is under lock and key.... :p

ok really now, make a screen using this stuff. watch the video on the page..

Clear 1/2" Screen Netting 6.5' x 2.5' - English
Go to lowes or home depot and in there outside area they have that same screen it's used to keep birds off fruit tree's. It's really cheap for a giant bag of the stuff, if you were closer I could just give you as much as you want from last time I bought some.

You could possibly build a frame out of the aluminum used to make window screens, or even just staple it to a wood frame, I used it one a small bowfront tank so I just used some small clips for hair and clipped it in a few places.
Great selection of wrasses! The filamented flash and blue flasher are both on my list. Where are you getting them from. Are they a mated pair?
They are not mated i miht even get a second female but i havent made up my mind. My local fish store is ordering them for me. Kee`s aquariums. They are great. They said they will most likely be in today... I cant sit still.
Jamey are you going to the swap?
Crow good eye. I will most likely use this.
that is cool. From what I have read when added at the same time it is best and one will change sexes. There may be a bit of bickering going on for a while until that happens, or they could be calm and collect right off the bat. Again, all from what I have read. Thought about getting a pair of wrasses myself.
One most likely wont change sexes because im getting one male for sure. Im just debating on gettin one or two females to get him to flash more frequently. I didnt know flasher wrasse could change sex. I will most likely only get one male and one female. I have a good amount of fish now and dont want to over stock the tank.

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That is a good question. If flashers can change sex or not? I just assumed they could as others wrasses are capable of doing so. I male and two females would be nice. I havent seen a female fulminated flasher yet. Are they any where near as striking as the male?
Jamey are you going to the swap?
Yeah I will be there you want me to bring you some?
Actually i ordered some clear mesh from brs. I dont think ill be needing any. But thank you. And i think females are pretty much just red. Turns out the fish didnt come in today. So ill get them next wednesday. They got carpenter wrasses in today but they were all males. Hopefully when they get my filamented wrasses in there is atleast one female. Otherwise maybe i should ask on here. Does anyone have a female filamented flasher wrasse.

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Oh yeah. Brs has a great idea in there video for the clear mesh. Im using typical screening materials and their clear mesh to make a basic screen top. Im using 1/2"screen. The other materials at home depot only cost me 13bucks. And im going overboard building two squares for each end of the tank. Im kinda happy to have the extra time to build this screen before the wrasses come.

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today i did the BRS DIY screen top with clear 1/2" screen, and the resh of the suppose from home depot. let me say not only does it look really nice but it doesn't block very much light at all. heres some pics.

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Great job, looks great! Tank looks great as well.
thanks man. now hopefully they get the right wrasses in for me this week so i can put these to good use.
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