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bio cube or nano cube

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I am looking into some cubes and there are a couple out there but i dont know whats better to get. I know I want some corals and frags so what do ypu guys think whats better?
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well i would do at least a 45 cube with overflows and sump to increase some water vaolume and allow for better equipment but a 90 cube is pretty nice
I started with a 12 gallon jbj nano cube and it worked great for me i put 12 led's in it and kept sps. I ran no filtration and did a 2 gallon water change bi weekly.
Not a whole lot of difference between the 2. I know the 29 gal biocube is a little wider than the 28 gal nano , which is a little taller. Filtration on the 2 are slightly different to I believe.
i started out with a 14 gallon biocube and it was great.. did weekly 3 gallon water changes with a media basket, chaeto, and a biocube skimmer in the back. I made the tank rimless and put a par38 LED over it and was even able to keep some SPS.

I actually just bought a new tank and will be selling my cube with the light and all equipment at the end of the month.. if you are interested shoot me a PM.
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well i think i am going to go with the biocube just because there are alot of good reviews and diy stuff i could do
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