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BioCube 29 Gal For Sale with corals, fish, liverock/sand, ect.

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High End Metal Halide Light Fixtures (Reflector, Adj. Electronic Ballasts, Bulbs)

I have for sale two complete Metal Halide light fixtures: 2 Lumen Max Elite Mogul Reflectors with 12 ft cords, 2 Galaxy Select a Watt (150, 175, and 250, and HQI) Electronic Ballasts, and 2-250 Watt Radium RI-T Blue (German) mogul base metal halide bulbs. I paid around $800 for the set of two fixtures about 10 months ago and have been running then daily (10 hrs/day) over my 180 gallon reef tank. They bulbs were purchased brand new at that time and still look awesome to me, no signs of dying, for what I can tell. The reflectors and Electronic Ballast are in like-new/mint conditions, no visible signs of damage or malfunction what so ever.

Here's the link to the Lumen Max Ellite MOGUL fixture, if you want specs: Lumen Max Elite MOGUL Metal Halide Reflector Live Coral - Pet Supplies Fish

Here's the link to the Galaxy Adjustable wattage Electronic Ballast, if you want specs.
Sun System / Sunlight Supply: SUN SYSTEM® GALAXY™ 150-175-250 HQI SELECT-A-WATT - DIMMABLE ELECTRONIC BALLAST - 120/240V ONLY [902475] - Ballasts, Capacitors & Parts - Lighting Systems - Discount Specialty Farm, Greenhouse & Garden Supply Store - Hor

I'm pricing these to move them (just paid $800 for the pair 10 months ago), so I would like $480 OBO for the pair, or $250 OBO if sold separately, firm. Please PM or email me with questions or additional information.
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Photos sent....thanks for the interest guys..
The tank and stand are cleaned and ready for immediate pickup....still $150 OBO. PM me if you're interested in this equipment. :3195:

Can you PM me pics too? I would love a setup like this and can pick it up this weekend.
High End Metal Halide Light Fixtures (Reflector, Adj. Electronic Ballasts, Bulbs)

I can't seem to post a new thread....so I went ahead and posted a temporary thread (over my old thread) for the time being... ANyway, this isn't for a biocube, but rather my Metal Halide light fixtures.. These suckers are great..but it's time for an upgrade. See new description.


BUmp..,new item.

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see High-end Metal Halide Reef Aquarium Lighting for pics.

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