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Blue plus = higher par than daylight bulbs?

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I've been told a couple times now at RC that the ATI blue plus has higher AR than other daylight bulbs like Aquablue special,ge6500,coral plus?
I've always seen the results that how the blue plus having 310-ish and ge6500/ab special having 340-ish. I was told by a newb but then Rtparty confirmed it saying that Sanjay had done a test with a different meter and that the blue plus was the highest.
I know that the blue spectrum doesn't read as high as it should on PAR meters and this is an issue commonly found with LEDs.
Anyone know more about this finding and to read about it first hand?
I'm still skeptical about this but Sanjay is one of the more well respected hobbyists.
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Thats a good question, i have always wanted to put just them bulbs over my tank, but i dont want to lose corals.
Thought I would share some different T5 par level based on some par testing done by Grim Reefers over on RC.

Please note that these measurements were made by The Grim Reefer using his Tek fixture and 54 Watt bulbs.

Aquascience Special:
15K 320*
DUO 15K 334*
22000K Blue 302*

Sun Pro 285
Ocean Pro 323
Blue Pro 266

Sun Pro 357
Aquablue 336
Blue Plus 311
Actinic 137 (Old Style)
Pro Color 215 vs 300 for a UVL Aquasun in a later test

Current Sun Paq:
Daylight 10K 272
Blue 252

Midday 325
Aquablue 324
Actinic Plus 264
Pure Actinic 157

General Electric:
GE Daylight 340
GE3000 319*

Daylight 309
Super Blue 225

Coral Light 342*
Fiji Purple 330*

Aqua sun 345
Actinic White 293
Super Actinic 210
75/25 "Aquablue" 254 vs 300 for an Aquasun in a later test.

The Aquascience, GE 3000K and KZ lamp readings included here were taken from a later lamp test.

The readings from other lamps tested here and included in those later tests were all within about 10 percentage points of the results included here so while the results are are not an exact comparison they are will within a range that makes their inclusion here acceptable.
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i have mixed feelings,

here is one article that shows that depending on the environment the coral is accustomed to would depend on the spectrum.


and here is a simple explanation of photosynthesis that shows the importance of full spectrum lighting. as you can see here blue lgiht is the driving force for photosynthesis, this is well known, but there is still cause for peaks of red to drive photosythesis.

Photosynthetic pigments | a2-level-level-revision, biology, energy-life, biochemistry-photosynthesis, photosynthetic-pigments | Revision World

so using more blue light may be beneficial but i would always supplement both full spectrum and blue light.

funny you bring this up, its been something ive been doing some reading on the past week or so. ill let you know what i find as i read more articles.
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well, not much but i read a post where GRIM said the blue plus bulbs have more power than previously thought.
i need to get more info and i dont know a lot about spectrometers but that is what was used i believe, not a par meter.
there is still some red spectrum found 40 feet or so underwater. +1 full spectrum, in fact i use a ge6500 bulbs in my sun power.
Does anyone have any PAR Numbers for the Newer ATI Bulbs

Purple Plus
Coral Plus
I know this has been discussed for years and while I don't really know the answer, here is how I look at it.

Even if the Aquablue Special or GE bulb have more par, we are talking about less than a 10% gain for these bulbs over the blue +. This is not enough of a gain to have me use one of those bulbs if I don't like the look of them over my tank. (I do acutally use a Geisman midday because I really like how it brings out some of the yellows in the tank, but I also run 7 rows of bulbs over my tank and consider this the bare minimum to add this bulb to the mixture. Any less lamps and I feel this bulb becomes overpowering and washes out the look of the rest of the bulbs). I personally hate the aquablue special bulb and was never happy with the look of the tank when using it in any bulb combo so for that reason I will not run one.

My feeling is, find a bulb combo that you like that uses good bulbs that are on the top end of the par readings and you will be fine. So what if you give up 10% of your light.
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