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Blue plus = higher par than daylight bulbs?

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I've been told a couple times now at RC that the ATI blue plus has higher AR than other daylight bulbs like Aquablue special,ge6500,coral plus?
I've always seen the results that how the blue plus having 310-ish and ge6500/ab special having 340-ish. I was told by a newb but then Rtparty confirmed it saying that Sanjay had done a test with a different meter and that the blue plus was the highest.
I know that the blue spectrum doesn't read as high as it should on PAR meters and this is an issue commonly found with LEDs.
Anyone know more about this finding and to read about it first hand?
I'm still skeptical about this but Sanjay is one of the more well respected hobbyists.
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Does anyone have any PAR Numbers for the Newer ATI Bulbs

Purple Plus
Coral Plus
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