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Well i have a red sea xxl 750 up for grabs Black ,never seen a drop of water. There is some damage that is an easy fix. the top of the overflow/surface skimmer broke and now it wont hold the removable skimmer inserts. This would be an easy fix with some ABS or acrylic to fab something up for someone handy. There is also a cabinet piece that would need to be replace. i'm not sure which piece at the moment but will find out. It might be a piece that's not visible to the outside. Price is $1100. I am bust at the moment but if this doesn't sell i will make all the repairs and relist. I am open to trade for possibly equipment (will be needed a xr30 gen5 soon) or coral* see below as well. $1100

looking for xr30 gen 5 or xr15's, Rock, apex wifi, *coral-wont be able to trade for coral for a couple months due to no room. let me know. worst thing is i say no.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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