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coalife 24w 50/50 PC Lamp
(half 10K, half 420nm Actinic)
r2 moonlight wide angle extreme leds
pico evolution mini pump 100gph

same set up on my 12gal nano cube


7 pounds of live rock
two inch deep live sand bed

all levels perfect cycled for over a month

two turbo snails
two bubble bee snails
two nassarius snails
one redscarlet hermit
one blue legged hermit
one baby brittle star fish

Large colony of keds reds zoas
Medusa soft coral
Blue mushrooms
Green star polpys
Metalic green yuma mushroom
2x Purple yuma mushrooms

That's it for now.
Don't think id ever put any fish in that small of a tank, might be looking into some kinda smaller shrimp like sexy shrimp or maybe some peppermints or a fire shrimp
i'll post photos later thanks for reading.

any suggestions on coral additions are welcome.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts