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30% OFF Bubble Magus D8/D9 Skimmers
Bubble Magus Curve D8 DC Internal Protein Skimmer, reg 399.99, SALE $279.99
Bubble Magus Curve D9 DC Internal Protein Skimmer, reg 469.99, SALE $328.99

20% OFF Bubble Magus A5 DC Skimmer
Bubble Magus Curve A5 Protein Skimmer, reg 219.99, SALE $175.99

Zetlight Lancia ZP-4000 Strip LEDs
Slim and fashionable design
Aluminum housing, always keeps lamp cool
Extendable brackets, standby to fit your tank
Special accessory design to perfectly replace T5/T8

Zetlight E200S
24w Macroalgae Cultivation LED
The E200S is a new smaller version of the E200 platform. The E200 has a massive 55w of LED power. The E200S has 24watts which is still an incredible amount of power for growing macro algae and a smaller foot print.
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