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Bulit in overflow question

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Hi all, I just bought a corner over flow piece and I am in the process of cutting it. My question is how much distance will the water rise above the lowest slot position. I'm worried I will have the water lever below the upper frame. And I would rather not have to cut the slots down.

85gal 48x18x22
Mag 9 @ 3.5 head
overflow 6x6
1" bulkhead


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The amount that the water will rise over the bottom of your slots will depend on the amount of flow going through the return. on my 90 gallon I was about a 1/4" below the top of my "fingers" until I added another pump........ then it went to the top.. I just rebuilt my overflow and made my slots 1" deep....... they were about 3/4" before........... haven't tested it yet...

So is this just a crap shoot? will a gph of 700 be enough to rise above 3/4 a inch to hide the waterline? My slots are 1.5 deep with the frame covering 7/8ths of a inch if i cut it to mate with the top frame.

When I set up my 90 I had the same problem, you could see the water line just below the top molding. What I did to help the situation was to remove the sponge around the mag drive since it is in it's own compartment of the fuge. Helped raise it a bit and didn't cost anything. It was still a hair low, but now that is has been running the build up of algae and such has decreased the sloth depth a little and the level is perfect. You never see the water line.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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