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Calcium Reactors and Accessories

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I had grand plans to bring a Calcium Reactor online on my system, taking advantage of a deal too good to pass up on a GEO unit, only to set it aside to have invested in an Apex controller and later learn that the GEO unit is not wide enough to accommodate a Ph probe (great option if you don't want to use it with an inserted probe). So, I later invested in all of the parts for a solution that would work with an Apex controller and have now since decided I'm going to stick with my kalk osmolater and if needed, supplement with 2-part dosing.

So, I have available:

**sold items removed from post

$350: Reef Dynamics Calcium Reactor, model 125E - NIB (never opened) ($500 retail)

$200: GEO Calcium Reactor, model CR 418, include MJ600 feed pump - NIB (box opened) ($300 retail)


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I do apologize. As much as I really would like the carbon doser I just can't afford it at this time. Good luck with the sale! Great prices on everything

I will take the probe and the arm media

sent you a pm

If you can ship the carbon doser I will take it.

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Yup I will take both
sent pm with contact info

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