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Canopy Paint?

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Hey guys what color and type of paint should i paint the inside of my canopy? i used 2 by 4s to frame it and still need help deciding on what type of wood to use to make the outter part of it? any thoughts here?

i will make two doors like Mike (neo) had on his 180 which mine is a 180 also! i plan to have the snap on kind like he did, probably 2 or 3 not sure yet! so what type of wood should i use to cover the 2 by 4's and that will be easy to stain and seal?

also you need to seal it right?


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You could use some oak 1/4 inch as an overlay in would keep the weight down,as for sealing it i would use shellac,dries fast, easy to use and seals real well,plus it is non toxic.:)
ok thats what it calle dnothing else? just shellac? thanks!

For a wood finish I'd use polyurethane-tough stuff. I painted the inside of my canopy with gloss white enamel.
Poly is good but shellac dries alot quicker and is alot easier to use.you could use laquer in a spray can but real messy.:(
But doesnt shellac get white water spots and have a low heat tolerance? Would it hold up with the heat from halides and salt spray?:confused:
ok do i even need to paint the inside of my canopy or can i just leave it and just seal it? to i have to seal all the wood i use? even the 2 by 4's?

explain what i do? do i seal it first then use the wood finish i want?

so do i,

1. polyurethane-tough stuff the WHOLE thing even the 2 by 4's?

2. a couple coats of polyurethane-tough stuff

3. Then use the wood finish i want?

4. then can i just leav the inside how it is or do i use gloss white enamel?


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Here is what you do, first stain it what color you want, if any,Oak just sealed with whatever you want would look good.but if you do stain it,wait atleast overnight to seal it.you can try a quick dry poly but you must apply 3 coats. Sand it between coats with a sanding sponge,you can get them almost anywhere.Sherwin williams paint stores carry them as well as home depot.As for shellac getting white spots ,all finishes when broken down will get white spots,just leave a cold drink on a coffee table for a while,poly laquer or shellac,if the finish is worn it will leave a ring,But if you do not mind the smell of poly go with it,as for heat tolerance, i do not know,has not been a issue.Most stands you buy are coated with a cheap coat of poly,usually only one.Go with three you are golden.;)
ok so one coat of stain and then 3 coats of poly to seal it? is that right?

oh yeha what if i want to touch up the stand with the stain can i do that or no?


oh yeah do i do this to just the outside or both the inside and outside?


do i seal the inside of the canopy too? like even the 2 by 4s? thanks!

It wouldnt hurt to seal or paint the inside of the canopy. It will help to prevent warping and moisture damage. You shouldnt need three coats though.
I would put 2-3 coats of polyurethane on the outside and at least 1 coat on the inside.
I've used polyurethane for tons of furniture and stuff including kids furniture and tabletops. No watermarks EVER. Its the toughest stuff around IMO
White polyurethane (hard to find) or white with a clearcoat of poly have worked well for me... stuff's almost indestructible.
I use the white rust-oleum oil base, 6 bucks at meijer and i have had no issues
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