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Canopy tips?

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I think I may build me my new canopy this weekend. I have basically no tools but a circular saw, but I was hoping Home Depot would cut the wood to my measurements. Any tips out there from people who did build their own canopy?
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You can always RENT some tools from Home Depot.

The other option is to look in the yellow pages for custom carpenter that might do some cutting and plainning (sp?) for you. You can plan on it being expensive though. But if you want perfect cuts, do it yourself or pay somebody else.

I was building shelves today. Had HD cut some 8 x 4 boards in half. The half was off by more than HALF an inch on some of them. I think it depends on who you get to do the cutting. Sometimes the help is half asleep and could care less what size you want the wood cut to.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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