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CB Seahorses for sale in GR

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Ok I hate to do this but I have no time to properly care for these guys so I want them to go to a good home. I have had them for a month and they are eating frozen mysis and brine enriched with vitamins. They are about 2 to 3inches long and are happy together. One male and one female. The species is Hippocampus whitei/ Whites seahorses. I got them from Marine Depot Live. I am asking 80 for the pair. I will include the food and vitamins for them. I have them in a 35gal hex right now with 36w of PC lighting. Email me or PM me if you are intersted. Just an FYI There tank temp must be 70 to 74 and very little flow. Must be picked up I will not ship. See here for pictures and info: http://www.marinedepotlive.com/trshhwhitei.html

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sent you a pm and probably an e-mail
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