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update 2/1/21:
Clearing out two of my frag tanks, have some nice stuff left and they need new homes!

$10 Frags
-Tricolor Valida
-Spicy Lemon Favia
-green birdsnest
-Bird of paradise
-sour apple birdnest
-OG blue lagoon palys 1-2p
-whammin watermelon zoas 3-5p
-yellow dot mushrooms
-blue chalice
-metallic blue shroom

$20 Frags
-grafted starburst monti
-grinch monti
-rainbow incinerator zoas 3-4p
-firecracker clove polyps 5p+
-hawaiin people eaters 1-2p
-orange rainbow rhodactus shroom
-superman discoma shroom
-flaming red/orange discoma
-Purple ring orange acan 4-5 heads
-fascination favia
-neon orange pavona
-green potato chip pavona
-kermit the frog lepto

$40 Frags
-Mint green blasto 4-5 heads
-Glitter bomb acan 5+ heads
-JF High voltage Platygra 3-4 eyes
-WWC inferno chalice
-WWC Dr. Evil Chalice
-Purple patchwork rhodactus shroom
-Cheetah discoma shroom

$75 Frags
-Kryptonite Jawbreaker shroom (nickel size)
-orange Jawbreaker shroom (dime size)
-Rainbow ricordia (3")
-goldflake blasto 5+ heads
-5" rock completely covered in John Deere Lepto

More to be added as I remember what else I have. Text for pics, happy to make package deals.

-Bryan 248. 444556zero
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