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Hi Ya'll I'm transfering from my current 50 gallon over to a new shallow reef rimless 60gallon this upcoming week.

All these fish are at least 3 years old and sort of boring me now. They are all full grown except the wrasse. I believe the Goldstripe is a male due to his smaller size.

Checker Board Wrasse $25 typically
Gold Stripe Maroon Clown $40 typically
Black Velvet Damsel full size $10 typically

Fair warning, the black velvet Damsel is agressive, he does well with other damsels and would do great in a large agressive tank. My Clown is very calm and the wrasse keeps to himself and sleeps in a soft sand bottom.

I am interested in....

sand sifters
macro algae

Please offer me a trade of comparable value. I am just getting in to corals so some frags would be great!!
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