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Just found this sweet deal on slickdeals and passing it along.

Chemi-Pure Elite Three 11.74oz containers for $26 FS orders over $49 no tax for most states

This is the best deal I have came across.

Comes out to $26 for 3 bottles but order 2 of the promo #CD-77629 which would be 6 total and you will qualify for free shipping spending $52. No tax for Cali and for most states as well. FS on orders over $49. These usually run about $12-$15 a bottle so it saves us a couple bucks. The regular Chemi-Pure is on sale as well. Do not know how much longer it will run but has been since late December.

Happy fish keeping

Click on Link [drsfostersmith.com]
Add promo CD-77629 to cart add 2 for FS or browse store for other products.

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