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I understand there is much personal preference here and may not have a "right" or "wrong" answer, but still looking for input and opinions:

I've always been a diehard Seachem fan, using Phosguard and Purigen with basic carbon and usually some kind of bio-rock type media in a bag (not brand loyal to the latters).

But I see a lot of ppl use some type of Chemi-pure. Finally setting up main tank again (poor clown has been in a "temp moving tank" since I moved... 2 years ago. :yes2:

Question is: Since I want to check out the Chemi-pure, was going to try the Blue, and it seems to do the same thing as these Seachem products, should I be skipping my Seachem products, or should I add the Chemi-pure to my standard chemical set up (**though I hold off on Phosguard, in any scenario, until the tank is well established), so it would be Chemi-pure, Purigen (is there even a point to this with the Chemi-pure??), and carbon (again - pointless?). I also have a reactor that I haven't decided what I will put in yet but likely bio pellets.

Also is GFO something I wouldn't use with Chemi-pure? (basically I'm totally unfamiliar with Chemi-pure).
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