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clown being mean

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anyone have any ideas how to make my clownfish nice toward my yellow tang? my yellow tang isnt the big bad tang most are...hes not timid but he doesnt bully or anything and one of my black clowns recently started hosting a purple hairy mushroom and now hes beating up the tang i literally just watched him take a hunk out of the tangs tail...any ideas besides moving the rock cuz its not really a option
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Anger management classes? (lol). JK Charles. I have no idea. Usually it's the tang being the aggressor. Wish I could get my tang to be nicer.
i once heard that if a fish is aggressive you pull him out and put him in a different tank for a week or two, rearrange a couple of your rocks then put him back in. what that does is, make him feel like he's in a different home, he would be more afraid, because he doesn't remember it like it used to be.

i might be wrong, if so let me know i would like to know the answer also.
She's doing what clowns do. Clowns are damsels, and once they find a territory they will defend it against anything - even something much larger. People post all the time about clowns attacking their hands when they work in the tank...mine gets my arm all the time.
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