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Clownfish - Corals - RBTA

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Snowflake clownfish - $40 to $60 / pair

Misbar/regular clownfish - 25 / pair

If you have a big tank and you want a group of clownfish, l can give you a better deal.

I accidentally broke my green birdsnest, spongodes montipora maybe a 2 months ago so I have some frags to small colony for sale:

Green birdsnest - $5 to $20 ( $20 for the small colony about 5" x 4")

Spongodes montipora - $5 to $15

2 RBTA - about 5-6" $50 , about 7" when fully open $60 - sold

Neon candy cane - $15 4 heads & $30 11+ heads - 11 heads sold

Big pipe trumphet colony - $65-Sold


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spongodes/ birdsnest pics

Added some pics.


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candy cane

I just sold ithem today. If you want I can frag some. Just let me know
Thanks Jeff!

Thanks Jeff for the nice words. It was nice meeting you.

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All RBTA were sold.
I still have a lot of clownfish left.
Thanks for the compliment Jeff!
Most corals are still available, they are good size frag and colony. The spongodes montipora are fully encrusted on plugs. Pls check the first posting.


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Good to hear that everything is doing great, John!

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I'm also open for trades for corals and equipment.
Sorry for those who sent PM yesterday my inbox was full. It is clear now.
PM responded

PM responded.
Thanks Warren for the kind words! It was nice meeting you!
Bump to the top. I'm also open for trades for corals, equipment, reef safe fish, inverts
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