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There are no live animals in this sale.

A good friend of mine is selling a complete Red Sea Reefer 350 set up. See below for details. This is a crazy deal for a full set up with everything you need to get started. He is not looking to part out. Located in Southfield, Michigan. Selling for $1,400.

Red Sea Reefer 350 System (91 gallons, 73 gallon display)
***8203;- Rimless, ultra-clear, beveled edge glass aquarium
***8203;- Elegant marine-spec cabinet
- Professional in-cabinet sump (v3) with constant height skimmer chamber*
- Silent, regulated down-flow system with emergency overflow
- Integrated automatic top-up system with reservoir
- Assembly-ready piping ***8211; no gluing required

- An additional Red Sea 350 in-cabinet sump (v2)
-(2) Hydra 26 HD lights
-Somatic 60s skimmer
-Jebao DC return pump (DCP-5000)
-Aqualifter A20 ATO
-Eheim Jager 200W thermostat heater
-(2) Ecotech Vortex Mp10 powerheads (1-Regular, 1-Quietdrive) (one of the
internal fans missing fitting on top and therefore rattles a bit)
-New Tunze Long Cleaning CareMagnet
-(2) BRS 2-Part doser
-60 lbs of used CaribSea Grad Reef Arag-Alive Sand
-Approximately 25 lbs. dry rock
-Upgraded deluxe return line
-Various upgraded fittings, adaptors and extra Red Sea plumbing parts.
-1 New Red Sea micron filter sock


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