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well its finally time to sell the tank. Its been up and running for about 4yeears now. This is a custom made tank that me and my cousin built. Its 6ft long 18tall and 30 wide. Its got a custom built stand with two large doors on the front and all open in the back. The tank is drilled twice in the bottom for drains. The glass is 1/4" ultra white. Its got an 16" center brace.

The sump is also made from the same material. It is 4' long 18"Tall and 14" wide(I belive). It's got 3 compartments. Refugium return and inlet.

equipment list:
mag 9.5
2 300 watt titanium heaters
3 powered heads.
60" T5 light
older twin 250 metal halide ballest with with reflectors and older bulbs.

I'm sure I'm missing something. O comes with about 150 lbs of sand and about 100 lbs of rock. Not looking to part out unless the tank sells first.

Asking 1000 for everything. The tank alone is worth more than that.

pleas call me at 734 799 3806 I'm hardly ever on here.
will also consider trades for a gun safe and or guns
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