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Contents of 240 gallon reef tank (all free)

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Contents of 240 gallon reef tank (all free)(please close all picked up)

Hi, i am giving away all the contents of my 240 gallon reef. Plenty of live rock about 26 fish some corals. I am converting it to a freshwater tank its been up a few years and being gone for my job the last time the calcium reactor ph wasnt right and ended up killing a lot of corals so im giving everything in the tank away you must take it all not just part of it. I will dispose of the sand unless you want it but i wouldnt advise it. There are beautiful angels a blue girdled angel a blue face adult a big queen angel a pair of mated cardinal fish some clowns with a ton of rose anemones. A chevron tang powder blue tang a Vlamingii Tang couple carribean tangs klein butterfly male and female swallowtail angels pair of pajama cardinal fish scopos tang yellow tang. I would like this gone ASAP. All fish have been together for over a year with no problems even with the sps the angels never touched them. There are some other fish also . Please have an appropriate size tank for everything.Everything has been picked up please close thread. Thanks
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I have a friend that's interested, could you text me and I can pass on your number? He lives in Mt Pleasant. 989 533 9487

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In ALL of it, by the way.
If avaible I can pick up when Ever needed my number is 7347723081 I have a few tanks to house stuff that KS and let me kno
Has anyone heard back? My friend (who doesn't have computer access) is curious. Has a couple 100+ systems that are very lightly stocked at the moment.
I have room 400 plus gallon sysytem

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