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Coral Memorial Wall

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We all have killed or sold off some corals that were some of our favs. Post up on the memorial wall.

Some of my favs that I could find

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Nobody has any favorites that they lost?
Sure... have several on my memorial wall.

Some orange zoas from my old 85G reef

A killer yellow turbinaria from my old 85G reef:

Another of the turbinaria:

OK... maybe just my entire old 85G reef. Had it lit with 4x T12 VHO fluorescent lamps. It was a Tenecor acrylic flat-back hex. I miss that tank dearly:

Then there was the 12G aquapod I had for three years in Florida... lit with a 70W MH Viper light... miss that tank too:

FTS of the 12G Aquapod... check out that crazy sick blasto in the lower front and center!

Closer shot of that blasto:

I would love to still have either of these tanks or the residents of them.
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