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Selling multiple items. Corals and aquarium equipment. Here is a list of items for sale.

Natural Plant System from Nutrafin CO2. I have 2 of them. $10 Each

Triple Pass Berlin Protein Skimmer. Pump is working fine but needs a part. $80 SOLD

Kenya Trees $5 each SOLD

Frog Spawn w/green tips. Very Healthy Coral that multiplies quickly. Have 2 of them.
First one has 5 heads w/5 little ones starting on the stalk. $30 SOLD
Second one has 2 heads w/4 little ones starting on the stalk. $15 SOLD

Yellow colony polyp w/approx 10 polyps. $15 SOLD

Brown Hairy mushrooms on a small Live rock approx 1lb. Has 2 large mushrooms on it for $15 SOLD

Green Finger Leather Small in size. Approx 1" tall. $20 SOLD

Brown bubble tip Anemone. Approx quarter size. $15 SOLD

Thanks for looking.
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