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Corals and rock for-sale - must sell

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Corals and rock for-sale.

Call me on my cell (313-683-0176) if interested. I'll be available Thurs-Monday for pickups.

VERY nice Frogspawn $10 a head
Large Colt $30
White Pom-Pom Xenia $10 stalk
Brown Pom-Pom Xenia $10 stalk
Small leathers $10 each
med green sin/leather $20

Live rock with good coraline $3lb plus any attached corals

Live rock that's been in the dark for a while. very clean $2.5lb
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I would be interested in some rock and a few corals depending on where you are located?
Im in Taylor. Goddard and Telegraph area

At least for the next week:)
Hello big Lar!

What color and how many heads is the frog spawn and what color is the colt? Ill take the green sinularia and some white xenia either way!
i'll take 20 lbs of the $3 rock
Yeh im interested in the white pom pom Xenia and maybe the brown...depending on the size.Would like to see the other corals as well.Tried calling your cell got voice mail, left a message and my ph#.Lemme know whats still available......
Thx, Anthony(Tony)
BiGLar - i'd be interested in some live rock, about 10 lbs and a few leathers and maybe some pom pom. Let me know if they are still available. Where are you located? I am taking a trip to pontiac, mi next weekend.
Tony - I'll call you tonight

its miller time- I'm in Taylor. Give me a call . You can come over this weekend if you want.

i could stop up this weekend on sunday if you would like. I was thinking of grabbing 10lbs of rock and a leather or two and some pom pom xenia. I'll call your cell this evening for directions. It looks like taylor is 50 mins from michigan.
i'm sorry, from TOLEDO
Any $3 rock left? I'm in Dearborn right now... and is it aptasia free?
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