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I need to trim the tank up a little bit and have some corals for sale and some I received for free which I would ask you do as well.
Most frags will be fresh cut.

Updated 2/28

Red monti cap free, can make large frags for $10
Gobstopper palys $5 for generous groups
"Toxic" red mushrooms, 3 mushroom rock $20 and 2 mushroom rock 15$
Caulastrea frags 2$ a head--2 30+head colonies 50 each.
Green birdsnest free, can make large frags for $10
Green slimer $10 2" frag---might be able to make 1-2 more
Gorgonian $10
Domino damselfish 5$, free with purchase

Located in Ferndale


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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