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Corals for trade SOLD*******

I have a large chunk of rock with about 50 or so heads of Green striped mushrooms. Some range from 2" down to the size of my finger nail. I also have a Rock with 8 or so Purple mushrooms range from 2" and smaller. I also have a Blue damsel i would like to get rid of, he has killed 2 of my Chromis and my Camel shrimp. HE'S GOT TO GO!!!!! I also have a small Kenya tree frag attached to a small rock.

Rock and Green mushroom= $80 OBO or trade.
Purple mushrooms and s.rock= PENDING*****
Kenya tree on small chunk of rock= $5 or trade.
Blue damsel= GONE*****

All offers are considered dont be afraid just trying to get a few different colors and corals in the tank. Or im willing to trade for a set of clowns, or a clean up crew. I will also trade for equipment Kori's, Maxi Jets, Canister filters, Lights, Skimmer, ECT. I prefer pick up if you purchase or trade for the large rock you will need to bring your own bucket i do not have anything it will fit in. Thanks

You can reach me via pm or post on this thread or text me 269-547-9649 Text is the fastest response.

FYI- These mushrooms go for $39.99 for 6 heads on a piece of rock..


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