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black widow, corals, frags,

hi, i have a bunch of corals i fragged for the swaps, but all swaps have been cancelled this summer. shot me a text and i'll send you pictures, frags are anywhere from $5 and up, thanks - located in wyoming, mi

black widow - $150
bizarro cyphastrea - $30
frogspawn - $30
orange ricordea - $40
interstellar mushroom - $70 each

shipping $30


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i could, but i don't think its worth the $30-40 shipping...if you buy more, and willing to meet 1/2 way (lansing) i can deliver it to lansing, shot me a message on my phone, and can send you more pictures to choose from
ok,,,u pay for shipping, i'll ship anything to you :) $30

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Wish I could. Only getting one day a week off. Best of luck with your sale.

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hey evilvog,,i am going to dearborn tomorrow,,still interested in the frags, i can meet you somewhere on the eastside, call me 616-729-9001
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