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Hey everyone i just ordered 5 corals from coralsandbar.com. it was his 5 for 75 deal. I e-mailed him a few times asking about other corals that were not on his 5for 75 deal list. I was able to get a couple not on his list like blastamussa merleti wich it looked about 10 polyps he sent me. did not count but thast got to be close. anyways I gave him 6 corals that I would like and the 6th one was one that i kinda liked but not really. anyways i got the package 14 hrs after he shipped it. shipped at 9 and i recieved 1130 next morning. to my surprise one of the corals was bagged 3x and all the water spilled out of all 3 bags. The coral was still alive and is now in my tank prospering =]. anyways i ended up with 7 frags instead of 5. couple of the frags of zoos had over 20 polyps. again i did not count just guestemated. anyways if you order other than the 5 for 75 it is about $25 for shipping next day. all the corals are beutiful and in good shape. I recommend Rob(the owner) to anyone. I will post exactly what I ordered and got later if someone wants me to.
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Coralsandbar, Rob,

You should become a sponsor for our little community. The site has really started getting busy as of late and we (somehow) are always looking to buy new livestock and dry goods.
You are a sponsor. My bad. I did not know that.
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