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ok i wlii start at the begining

during christmas my sister bought her fiance a tank upgrage form a 55 to a 200. so of course i was put incharge. i went got the new tank (detriot) and set it up in ohio. that was after taking it to saginaw for the big day and as you all know a 200 gallon glass tank is not very light. after it was all set up i was still feeding his old tank and noticed a small chain link eel had gone missing and figued he got to close to his puffer during feeding. i fogot about the twenty dollar fish and continued my job untill hes tank settled (a amonia spike never happened do to the cured LR that we got at a Lfs) and we added his puffer and clown trigger to the 200 on friday. now the crazy part. i was cleaning the old canister filter that i was putting off and when i opened it a live chain like eel squgled out thats right live after what i think is two weeks in a fillter runnig and then not runnig so i did the ovious and stole him and put him in my 90 gallon. i did this like twenty min ago and figue it needed to be posted.

did you ever imagine
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