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curing process

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Well in my 2.5 gallon tank I am now into the nitrite--ate part of the curing after only 2 weeks. this 2.5gallon has a few pieces of tonga in it. ammonia is 0 but nitrites are .5ppm and nitrates are also .5ppm. there was ghost shrimp in this tank(4 to be exact) and 2 of them are still alive. they were in the tank when i put the rock in. kinda funny how the ghost shrimp survived. anyways on my 55 gallon the green water has disappeared and I have aquascaped the tank now. I basically made a mountain out of the backside of the tank and left the front and one side open(sand is in there of course). there is almost 70lbs of lr in this tank. I have not checked the nitrates and ites in this tank as the ammonia is still around 4ppm. yes 4 not .4 hehe. This is after 2 weeks. I just recently turned the lights back on on both tanks. so far I have not seen any life(with exception of ghost shrimp) in either tank. The ghost shrimp were a small experiment for me. I wanted to see how long I could keep fw ghost shrimp in saltwater. so far the 2 left have been in a 1.024 salinity with 72 degree water temp and a ph of 8.0(ph of ro water I use) for a month. be as this is the case I will probably start buying more ghost shrimp to feed the seahorses when my tank is finally ready for them. my next project is to figure out if I want vho or mh/pc lighting on this tank. I am leaning towards vho as I am not going to have any high light corals in this tank. on the other hand I may want clams in which case I would need the mh.
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hehe yup I remember you =]. as for heat output im not sure. I have pc lighting on my 72 bowfront and the tank temp never varies from the 82 degree's it is set at. the lights wheather they are on or off the tank stays 82. I dont know much about vho or mh heat output so I will have to look into that.
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