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This light was made out of a Makers LED light housing fixture with 4 fans.
*93 Cree XTE 3 watt LEDs with a 2:1 ratio of Royal Blue and White LEDS powered by 3-75 watt Inventronic LED drivers
6 Red, Green, Blue spectrum 3 watt Osram LEDs powered by 40 watt Inventronic LED driver
Dim 4 Sunrise/Sunset controller powers all lights, but also powers moonlights when the rest of the lights shut off
LED's closest to end have (I think) 80 degree optics
Electrical box houses all drivers
Wire from box to fixutre has a disconnect wire to be unplugged for movement.
Over $1,200 invested in fixture
This fixture is 2 years old.

Price: $675 or best REASONABLE offer


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